Five hundred Plateaus

Andrea Slováková

Czech Republic
Screening format
Shown in Compétition #3.


A conceptual experimental film is loosely inspired by selected parts of Gilese Deleuze and Félixe Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus. By using formal means, it thoughtfully actualizes some philosophical concepts such as deterritorialization through the usage of unsettled camera shooting, or embedding by using a camera effect vertigo (combination of zoom and camera movement in opposite directions).  notions such as transience, persistence or exhaustion.

Text from the selection committee

Certainly Deleuze, but to see is to see, and to represent is to represent. What do you represent Andrea? An excess. The film combines iconic signs, plastic signs, musical sound signs, materializing sound clues. The rapid sequence of shots immediately evacuates the possibility of a contemplative position of exteriority. We are invited to an experience of hypersense. Can we see? No. Can we hear? No. Only hyper-seeing and hyper-hearing. This audiovisual combination, which is actually the expression of a will to oppress, at least cognitively, is skillful. Because there is behind a solid visual and sound culture, a culture of representation. The funny thing is that in the end, you always look for someone to share it with.

Translation made by the translator

– F.T.