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Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris




Filmmakers -15 years old

Each year, filmmaking of young people -15 years old is honored during a funny session. “Different cinema” is renewed by the youngest, encouraged to film what they want, how they want and with any camera, high or low quality. The young filmmakers demonstrate that their cinematic imagination is still far from being colonized by the dominant visual models.
Over the past seven years, the -15 years old section has shown more than fifty films and followed a significant number of emerging filmmakers. In addition, several films have already been included in the catalog of the Collectif Jeune Cinéma and young filmmakers have become cooperators. Children’s cinema deserves a place in the distribution circuit of experimental and different cinema and we wanted to give it that place

Poster created by Lola Gires in collaboration with Gwenola Dessaux and the Lycée Albert de Mun de Paris

Filmmakers 15-17,9

Nous avons décidé, pour l’édition 2021 du FCDEP, marquant les cinquante ans du CJC, d’inaugurer une nouvelle section : 15-17,9. Ouverte et internationale, elle s’adresse aux adolescents et jeunes adultes en étant placée sous le même étendard que la section -15 ans : décolonisation des imaginaires, valorisation de tout geste créateur débordant, bouleversant ou brisant les modèles canoniques du film, de la vidéo, du clip.

Le développement de ces deux sections dédiées aux jeunes cinéastes et la distribution de leurs films s’inscrit dans la philosophie du CJC consistant à inlassablement accueillir et promouvoir les démarches artistiques originales, libres, inventives, quels que soient l’âge ou l’expérience de chaque créateur. rice. Nous refusons les cloisonnements amateur/professionnel et mineur/majeur !



special dark glass somewhere
Charlotte Clermont

I can't
Lori Felker

Ignazio Fabio Mazzola

Pierre-Luc Vaillancourt

Juha van Ingen

Passage Secret
Brieuc Schieb

Björn Kämmerer

maison Lorraine (en 9 cases)
Ishrann Silgidjian

Jens Pecho

A Crowd
Yeonu Ju

Tobacco Barns Light Studies
Rocio Mesa

Juana Llancalahuen et les Falsas Orcas - Temps 1-4
Magali Dougoud

Aberración Cromática (Fiebre)
Andrés Baron

Esquisse pour un portrait de Gilberte Swann
Gauthier Beaucourt

Elena Duque

Corman's Eyedrops Got Me Too Crazy
Ivan Cardoso

Five hundred Plateaus
Andrea Slováková

and a porcelain cat
Juana Robles

The devil in the details
Wang Yuyan

Those Who Do Not Remember The Past are Condemned To Repeat It
Lo Yun Ting

Die Urpflanze
Olivier Cheval

O Verde
Luis Lechosa

Vers Syracuse
Patrick Bokanowski

Plastic Flowers
Yannis Zafiris

Leyla Rodriguez

Les quatre récits d'Alice
Myriam Jacob-Allard

Moira Tierney

Pérégrination, I
Lea Jiqqir

The Flame of the Spent Hour
Roger Deutsch

La forêt
Lo Thivolle et Ouahib Mortada

Chang Po-Yang

Avant l'effondrement du Mont Blanc
Jacques Perconte

Voyages dans nos Indes intérieures
Daphné Nan Le Sergent

Frédérique Devaux

Luca Sorgato

<Hello world/>
Alexander Isaenko

Cause of Death
Jyoti Mistry

Power Which Can Be Abused
Mahmoodreza Esmailizand

The Return of Osiris
Essa Grayeb

Which is witch?
Marie Losier

Esquisse XXX (work in progress)
Olivier Fouchard

This day won't last
Mouaad el Salem

The Waves
Ronald Bijleved

A Moving Image
Viviane Vagh

Dystopian Patterns
Isabelle Nouzha

Melting Rust
Anne-Sarah Le Meur et Jean-Jacques Birgé

Soft Powers
Julia Kaiser

I tried to shout with them
Nafiseh Moshashaeh

untitled #2
Phạm Nguyễn Anh Tú

Gautam Valluri

Le Régime de Régina
Julián Pedraza

3 x Minispectacles Out Of Tune
Maarit Suomi-Väänänen

Luis Ricardo Garcia Lara

Distracted Blueberry
Barry Doupé


Cinéastes -15 ans



Simon Liu

L'Étoile de mer
Maya Schweizer

Paris Mental #1
Dominique Willoughby

Bodies without Bodies in Outer Space
Rafal Morusiewicz

The Sound Drifts
Stefano Canapa

Transparent, the world is
Yuri Muraoka

Lieder Die Soldaten Morgen
Gurcius Gewdner

Milo Masoničić

Po:natis 12.
Davorin Marc

La Traversée...
Arcade Assogba

The lord loves changes, it's one of his greatest
Annika Kahrs

Nutrition Fugue
Péter Lichter

Chongyan Liu

Michael Higgins

Yet Another Departure
Renata Poljak

Rise of the Machines
Arina Efanova

Hôtel (case n°19)
Ishrann Silgidjian

Kosmos : The Uncertainty
Robert Cahen, Ruben Guzman et Narcisa Hirsch

L'état de notre urgence 4
Pierre Merejkowsky

Kunal Biswas

Après nous, Le déluge
Félix Fattal

Atomic Garden
Ana Vaz

Bay of Plenty
Milva Stutz

Vers le Soleil
Nour Ouayda

The Mulch Spider's Dream
Karel Doing

You're a plant whisperer and for me, it's enough
Charlotte Clermont et Julien Champagne

Life After Love
Zachary Epcar

C'est comme ça que les cauchemars ont commencé
Alexandru Petru Badelita

Fractal Death 4 : So When You Talk About Destruction You Can Count Me In
Michael Woods (M.)

Fragments of self-phone-destruction

Deeply Absurd Lucidity
Sammy Sayed

jAR0D unOF1S@L

30 Days A Week
Mahmoodreza Esmaili Zand

Sólo un poco aquí
Duo Strangloscope

Les Chatons
Calypso Debrot

Postdigital Flipbook
Pablo-Martín Córdoba

Redheaded (or The beheading of knowledge)
Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu

Lucie Leszez

Nou Voix
Maxime Jean-Baptiste

Adieu, Corpus !
Alexander Isaenko

Kyohei Hayashi

Where is my body?
Julián Pedraza

Real-Time History
Foundland Collective

Special Sessions

FIXC Presents: Plans and Systems

Young Audiences Sessions

The Transmission section of the Collectif Jeune Cinéma is dedicated to the diffusion of experimental cinema to the youngest, in order to sensitize them to new and different visual and sound forms, little represented on the media and the circuit of commercial and traditional cinema. Access to these cinematographic forms aims to emancipate the imagination, coded from early childhood, and to motivate the youngest to practice cinema freely and differently

6 — 10 years : You couldn't tell what I am

The Pôle Transmission of the Collectif Jeune Cinéma is dedicated to the dissemination of experimental cinema to young people, in order to raise their awareness of new and different visual and sound forms that are not well represented in the media and on the traditional commercial cinema circuit. The access to these cinematographic forms aims at the emancipation of the imagination, coded from early childhood, and wants to motivate in the youngest a free and different practice of the cinema.

Experimental or avant-garde cinema has been the cradle of women filmmakers. The possibility of making cinema beyond the production and material means imposed by commercial cinema, as well as the small formats (Super 8 and 16 mm), less expensive and more manageable, open many doors to women, de facto excluded from the circuit for a long time. This session, like the theme of the festival, wants to put forward this creative gesture - that of women - and to shift the point of view of the youngest spectator. Through the game, in the hand of the pioneer Maya Deren, inventiveness and change of identity are at work. An invitation to the world of the uncategorizable.

Judit Naranjo Ribó

Etna's workshop — La Poudrière

La Poudrière, a collective of feminist filmmakers from Etna, propose a Super 8 workshop: each person draws a sound extract from films troubled by the question of gender, and shoots 3 minutes in S8.*

* S8 cartridge offered by Re:Voir. Cartridges developed by La Poudrière.

La Poudrière is a desire to create as a collective. It is a group of feminist women filmmakers from L’Etna, an independent workshop of experimental cinematographic practices, located in Montreuil (93). La Poudrière, a group in permanent construction, non-hierarchical and open, is a space of creation, reflection and learning where a political solidarity is experimented.

L’Etna is a place of creation, training and exchange around experimental cinema and the practice of film.
Etna offers training workshops open to all, especially in 16mm and Super 8.

Re:Voir is a publishing company that promotes experimental cinema on video, based at 43, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin in Paris. The structure also sells S8 and 16mm film, as well as S8 cameras




Filmmakers -15 years old

Films made by people under 15 years old judged by people under 15 years old. A selection made with more rigor than some adults, which offers us an eclectic range of films from experimental to thriller to zany, all with humor…. It is by transmitting a different kind of cinema from a very young age that we will allow its renewal and the questioning of the dominant and normative cinema. The new generation is on its way!

— Bernard Cerf


étoilements (2007-2010)

Comment mieux parler du cinéma qu’en en faisant une occasion d’étoilement, cet événement singulier, étrange et déroutant où nous voici couverts d’étoiles et fêlés ensemble, brisés par les astres cinématographiques qui nous viennent et par eux émus au point d’avoir à l’écrire ?
Quel exigence impossible que d’avoir à viser à notre tour les lieux les plus inaccessibles, pour dire ce que le cinéma, par le truchement de telle œuvre, à ouvert au plus intime de nous mêmes ? Et si justement le cinéma avait pour vocation de tracer, pour nos yeux, pour notre bouche, un chemin vers l’inaccessible ?

étoilements est une revue où poésie et cinéma se croisent, se toisent, s’appellent et se répondent. Plusieurs plumes et sensibilités se prêtent diversement à cette petite tâche en forme d’étoile. La parution est trimestrielle.

n°0 / septembre 2007 : libre