Vers Syracuse

Patrick Bokanowski

Screening format
Shown in Compétition #3.


Dreamlike sea bathing and horse rides. Colors take the plunge, the horizon blazes, breaking waves pound endlessly. A strange journey through depths of sound and vision.

Text from the selection committee

Patrick Bokanowski tirelessly pleads in favor of the primacy that should be given, in cinema, to all deforming mechanisms. The identity between reality and representation, this aesthetic chimera, is however a dominant tendency of the material. It inspires the design of tools (for fixation and reproduction) and is one of the deepest grooves in our artistic tradition. Against this immanent logic of the material, which digital technology has pushed a little further by abolishing any difference between original and copies, the Bokanowski couple is building an audiovisual universe based on subjectivity. Not only by arrogating to themselves the right to talk about this or that, to move or not to move the camera, to insert between the subject and the sensor this or that filter, this or that optical montage, to create this or that sound ambiance, but by breaking the order and the law of the material.  On the screen, it bends obediently when the visionary and the musician return with elegance to a few travel memories. What artists!

Translation made by the translator

– F.T.