Les quatre récits d'Alice

Myriam Jacob-Allard

Screening format
Shown in Compétition #4.



In Les quatre récits d’Alice, Myriam Jacob-Allard explore a story which, because of its persistence, is part of the family lore. This story, told countless times by her grandmother, is an implausible tale of the time a hurricane worthy of The Wizard of Oz, when she was a child, picked her up and sent her flying.

Text from the selection committee

A work of vocal embodiment of a barely credible family story heard several times over the course of a decade: By splitting the screen in two, on the left of the images from the internet or from films which progressively illustrate the stages of the 4 narrations of the actress / filmmaker on the right, Myriam Jacob-Allard creates an irresistible and extremely comical device because it is both inactual (amateur weather forecasts read in front of a crumpled green screen) and forced (a very visible synchronization of the voice, an impassive actress play, as opposed to the grandmother’s voice that we hear). Through the repetition of narrative inconsistencies and changes in versions of the event over the years, personal memory, survival and family sharing become the subject of a relentless and hilarious ironic work.

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– G.M.

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