The Waves

Ronald Bijleved

Screening format
Shown in Compétition #6.


Refugees in Europe sadly drown while there try reach the shores of Europe ,meanwhile the rich  pas by with there  expensive sailing boats the contrast could not be bigger, the screams of the drowning ,can be hurt in the echo of the waves,  empathy is the only way humanity will survive

Text from the selection committee

In the distance a boat, a moving camera scans the water with a soft swing. These soft and colorful images suddenly collide with the cries and songs of the migrants. Through this object of memory with its violent realism, artist and video artist Ronald Bijleveld aptly shapes a dissonance inherent to any current “marine painting”, where the idle calm sounds false.

Translation made by the translator

– R.G.


First, what is the starting point for your film? What was the context of the film? What technique and material did you use to create it? More generally, what is your creative process ? How did you record “the voices of the sea” ? How long did it take to make your film?

Ronald Bijleved

First of all it all started when I was on an island and I saw the expensive sailing ships passing by used by rich people for leisure, not fair away refugees an very old ships are fighting for their lives so the image of the boat is an image of an real expensive boat just cruising around the sound I record from people i know and the film I made in 1 day the poem I heartt in north africa, and its by an young boy and have an strong youthful potential in timber so there speaks hope in it, hope I also have that people finally wil help the refugees and give then shelter and a better life instead of treating them like criminals and put them in camps…

A footnote: I was an island but lived in a cave.