3 x Minispectacles Out Of Tune

Maarit Suomi-Väänänen

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Minispectacles is a series of one-minute films, cinematic haikus. Minispectacles 45-47/100 are making the rounds with the sounds in Hungary and Switzerland. All the way to the 100min feature film. Woman with pocket camera.

Text from the selection committee

The film is constructed like a haiku, a kind of Japanese poem whose tradition dates back to the 17th century, characterized by brevity. The haikus were generally intended to evoke the inevitable action of time on things, a sort of vanity if you like. Composed of three verses, their remarkable power in laconism inspired Sergeï Eisenstein to very fertile reflections on film editing, the relationship between the parts and the whole, the visualized and the mentalized, etc. Here, the mechanical dimension of the formula is manifested by the equivalence of the durations of the three segments, but above all by the repetition of the same musical formula evoking a Buddhist incantation. On the night-time images of the sublime neo-Gothic facade of the Hungarian Parliament, she invites us to meditate on the grandeur of cultural achievements, then she illustrates the universal tension of the interplay of powers and might and then, in Switzerland, the debonair tranquillity of a charming city without history. And perhaps it is in the head immersed under the water of this immaculate white swan that this incantation, absolutely indifferent to human vanities, resounds. It is true that who is tall and high is not what is ostensibly the tallest and highest.

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– F.T.


What is the starting point for your film ?

Maarit Suomi-Väänänen

There are few key points. First is my visual observation of the environment combined with  cultural and political experience of the public space in Eastern and western Europe. I  recorded the master audio when scaling and reheasing the voice with the choir. I shot the  footage separately and independently, without script or plan, carpe diem, experimenting  curiously, playfully and seriously. 

Associating with all these materials is the stimulus of editing. I also wanted to experiment  repetition as a practical and minimalistic signal of recycling. There is the same master  audio track in each three pieces. I try to produce Minispectacles with minimum carbon  footprint. Why to create always new all the time, why to master? What is necessary, what  is vanity, what is toxic artistry?


Tell me more about “cinematic haïkus”.

Maarit Suomi-Väänänen

Minispectacles is a series of one-minute films, cinematic haikus. 

Minispectacles Out Of Tune are making the rounds with the sounds  

in Hungary and Switzerland. 

All the way to the 100min feature film. 

Woman with pocket camera.


When someone is asking when I am going to make my feature lenght film, my answer is  minute by minute. I will create one hundred Minispectacles in all to have a 100 minutes  feature lenght film in my hand. Now I´m in the middle! I have completed the mid length  documentary with 52 minutes. The list of “co-production countries” is quite impressive:  Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canada, Egypt, Finland, France, Hungary, USA, Norway, UK and  Switzerland. There are coming new Minispectacles from far like Buenos Aires, Oakland  and Mars, but also from the neighborhood and family.


I call my films experimental comedies and documentaries. I´ll like to put things on absurd  perception and connection. It is mainly how my subconscious, sense of humor and mind  works in the process. I try to escape the movie industry by playing that it is only me, a pocket camera and pure observation. If something is stimulating or disturbing, touching or  surprising, I´ll shoot it.  


I do not travel anymore to the festivals, exhibitions and residencies to create, shoot or  market art. Works can travel. By distant work you save multiple resources.  I try to work as immaterially and self-sufficiently as possible. Like: I am using found footage from my vast Minispectacles archives. I am re-using, re-editing and recycling the material  from my previous works. I am reusing the same image and sound inside the films. I will even make only straight cuts as a sign of saving personal and natural resources!


Minispectacles are inspiring form to experiment film.  

In my mind the last Minispectacle 100/100 is the most diminutive work. The most eco friendly film is no film, no ego.

Repete – reuse – recycle – replay — relax. No consumption. 

Stay in tabula rasa with empty canvas so your mind can wonder and wander. Imagination is free? 

Imagination is free. 

Imagination is free! 



What was your camera ?

Maarit Suomi-Väänänen

I have been shooting Minispectacles with pocket cameras and smartphones since 2005  on my travels with my works. I am lazy for carrying stuff and equipment, so smartphone is  pragmatic and literally handy. However decisions and responsibilities of a scriptwriter,  cinematographer, director, sound recordist, editor and producer has to be done in situ. Smart phone quality is good from screen to canvas. I always work on the image and sound post production with a sound designer and color grader.


How long did it take to make your film?

Maarit Suomi-Väänänen

I was filming in Hungary 2017 when I participated in the exhibition. In Switzerland I was in  the residency for five months 2016. Audio and singing experiments started in 2018 when I  joined the choir. The film was completed just when corona started. Editing process was  intensive, at least compared to shooting the image. 

The filmings were long (2016-2020), but the films are short (3x1min). Screening in Paris  will be the world premiere, merci beaucoup! I am excited to share that moment with you  online