I tried to shout with them

Nafiseh Moshashaeh

Screening format


France, Strasbourg, 2019, an immigrated Iranian woman, who is an art student, floating through and observing her new life while she is still attached to her past. Lost in the past and present of her personal, social and political lives, she struggles to understand and survive in the paradoxical parallel worlds… living somewhere in between.

Text from the selection committee

Through a photo film of a demonstration against pension reform on December 5, 2019 in Strasbourg, the filmmaker Nafiseh Moshashaeh questions the body and sensory imprint that social movements have left on her. By bringing this experience into dialogue with that of demonstrations in 2009 in Iran in which she participated, she questions us in the face of the typical elements that make up demonstrations in France. Faced with the difficulty of interpreting the form that this movement takes in France, she rethinks Iran, while the French spectators are questioned. She addresses her doubts to us without resolving them dogmatically. But the film is traversed by questioning when it deals with struggles, this is no longer the case when it comes to recounting her work experience, suggesting an internationalist anti-capitalist critique.

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– T.D.