Soft Powers

Julia Kaiser

Screening format



Folks who don’t know what they want manage to have a semi-satisfying afternoon. Julia Kaiser writes, directs, produces, animates, films and acts as her alter ego Han Profond, who is interested in semiotics and lies about her age. To escape the critical gaze of her mother the felt frog, Han has moved out into the party shed where she drinks beers and welcomes her masked history teacher Schenkel, as well as some ghosts from the past and future.

Text from the selection committee

A woman who still lives with her mother, a felt frog in a typical teenage relationship who lies about her age, a masked history teacher who lets herself be seduced, a bunch of characters dressed up at an impromptu party - and neighborhood problems?

The film, shot in 16mm and digital, is full of in-camera special effects, changing characters and materials - and irony. A hilarious fiction narrated by an omniscient and factual voice-over.

A crazy visual universe can fight the boredom of the afternoon?

Translation made by the translator

– G.M.