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What's Your Flavor?

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Jusqu’au 20 Jun 202220.06.22

What’s Your Flavor? is re-launching its annual call for films from all lesbian, gay, queer, trans and intersex filmmakers whose films fit within the spectrum of experimental, alternative and video art cinema.

From this selection, we wish to highlight queer experimental cinema and support contemporary creation by organizing year-round screenings of the selected films (and of our catalog) in all types of cinemas and events, in association with organizations of all backgrounds.

We are committed to bringing LGBTQIA+ filmmakers greater visibility to all audiences, and the recognition their work deserves by advocating for rental fees at our screenings.

It is through this call that we find the films and filmmakers that we distribute. 

With the support of the Collectif Jeune Cinéma, a cooperative of experimental filmmakers, WYF also accompanies filmmakers on a long-term basis by offering to distribute their films after selection in order to provide a more virtuous economic support for independent production. Thanks to the CJC website, we are able to put our catalog and the archives of our screenings online in order to build a database of LGBTQIA+ directors and their filmography.

Françoise d’Eaubonnes wrote: “You say that society must integrate homosexuals, I say that homosexuals must disintegrate society”, we call for films that offer an unexpected and surprising viewpoint and voice, that shake up the public the way LGBTQIA+ experiences shake up society!


To submit your film, here are some useful informations:
- Your film was produced between 2015 and 2022
- Your film can be of any length (short, medium or feature length)
- You are a director who identifies as LGBTQIA+
- Your film may or may not address topics related to sexualities and gender. Fiction or documentary, your film experiments with cinematographic language and/or film and audiovisual techniques (including animation).

- If your film is selected, you agree to join the What’s Your Flavor distribution catalog (included in the distribution of the Collectif Jeune Cinéma).
- Every selected filmmaker, after signing a contract, becomes a member of the distribution cooperative Collectif Jeune Cinéma, and receives, for each rental of his/her film, royalties (the distribution is 70% for the filmmaker, 30% for the structure).


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