6 — 10 years : You couldn't tell what I am

The Pôle Transmission of the Collectif Jeune Cinéma is dedicated to the dissemination of experimental cinema to young people, in order to raise their awareness of new and different visual and sound forms that are not well represented in the media and on the traditional commercial cinema circuit. The access to these cinematographic forms aims at the emancipation of the imagination, coded from early childhood, and wants to motivate in the youngest a free and different practice of the cinema.

Experimental or avant-garde cinema has been the cradle of women filmmakers. The possibility of making cinema beyond the production and material means imposed by commercial cinema, as well as the small formats (Super 8 and 16 mm), less expensive and more manageable, open many doors to women, de facto excluded from the circuit for a long time. This session, like the theme of the festival, wants to put forward this creative gesture - that of women - and to shift the point of view of the youngest spectator. Through the game, in the hand of the pioneer Maya Deren, inventiveness and change of identity are at work. An invitation to the world of the uncategorizable.

Judit Naranjo Ribó