Flower Rain

Gao Wei

South Korea,China
Screening format


With a pure photographic lineage, the short experimental animation film “Flower Rain” was selected in the Rotterdam International Film Festival 2023. It is actually an “organic” film that grew out of the soil. Director Gao Wei completed the film in three steps: planting, making the plants into photos, making the photos into a movie. During a year in Seoul without travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Gao Wei began to explore an art project called ” Plant Light”. Photographic images are generated using organic materials such as plants, organic matter, and photosensitive particles. “Flower Rain” allows the viewer to look at plants and flowers at a microscopic level; it also uses surreal qualities of the plant photo, with glowing flowers drifting like nebulae, and transparent petals like jellyfish snorkeling in the deep sea. The energy that plants draw from the sun and the earth is projected into photographs and projected into films. It can be said that these images are a hymn to nature grown from the sun and the soil.