The Future Ahead

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Justin Bieber was a beautiful boy. He was a perfect, talented child. A pretty face and a kind heart. The kind who visits children in their hospital deathbeds. That kind of guy—I mean, child. An asexual being. Because of his age, Bieber could share many attributes with women without it being a bad thing. Women’s public image has been infantilized for decades- women and children first. Baby-faced Leonardo only truly gendered himself as male after deciding to drown in the freezing waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Justin Bieber was cute, and that’s okay. That was okay. He was young, he hadn’t been through puberty yet. It was okay. Baby face, pretty face, doll face, golden heart, America’s sweetheart. Damn those long eyelashes…and that honey-colored hair! I wonder how many people didn’t want him to grow up. Like choir boys turning into rough men with ugly voices; no one knew what Justin’s future would bring. Would he be able to continue his choral career? Or instead, would he become a frustrated and delusional community church choir director?