Which is witch?

Marie Losier

Screening format
Shown in Compétition #6.


Louis II of Bavaria has been petrified in the ice since time immemorial. We find him in a forest, luckily he is alive! Three witch sisters try to defrost him and unravel its musical mystery. We are propelled with them in a colorful and surreal fairy tale.

Text from the selection committee

Three beings are frantically trying to thaw out Ludwig II of Bavaria. Felix Kubin, at the center of the burlesque ritual, is also the author of the soundtrack. Which is witch? is part of this portrait filmmaker’s protean work, where metamorphoses are celebrated and winks reassure as if they were extinguished. Grains of sand turn into pearls and dreams come to life in Marie Losier’s films.

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Can you go back over the genesis of Which is Witch? What was your creative process? And what equipment did you use during the shooting?

Marie Losier

Which is Witch was not a film in itself because it was shot to integrate the feature film Felix in Wonderland that I shot over five years between Hamburg, Paris, and Slovakia. It’s outtakes, rejections but I really liked the images and especially my 3 close friends Claire, Joana and Elina who play in the film with Felix. It was the first time I was shooting in a studio with a crew because I finally got a grant thanks to Ecce Films. The film is produced by Mathilde Delaunay. So I wanted to experiment and work for the first time in Paris with 3 actresses, 3 friends. Bertrand Mandico wrote texts for me, and helped me with the set design. I shot in Nanterre on a theater set, and another scene in the forest of Fontainebleau. Unfortunately, I didn’t use any of these scenes in my film. During the confinement I wanted to bring these rushs to life and especially to give life to my friends because they are beautiful and funny and this shooting was joyful and new for me. So I edited it to make this little film, a kind of music video, a little story, not deep but joyful, like a candy.