Le Régime de Régina

Julián Pedraza

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“Regina 11” is the nickname given to Regina Betancourt de Liska, an atypical and multi-faceted figure of Columbian popular culture. Although her name is almost always associated to witchcraft and superstitions, she also created through her iconography and performances, her own world full of references, both unusual and disparate. Her ideological potential and charisma brought her to create the “Unitary Metapolitical Mouvement” at the end of the of 1970s, thus becoming a world pioneer in the political representation of women.

Text from the selection committee

Through a collage of analogical archive images from the 70s to the 90s, Julián Pedraza builds a powerful portrait of a prominent figure in Colombian political and social life. Padraza creates a strong and captivating aesthetic work in which political criticism and fascination for the surrealist elements of Colombian popular culture are intertwined in a funny and piercing montage.

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What is the starting point for your film ?

Julian Pedraza

This film is about Regina 11 a colombian character that I’ve always admired. I have been collecting for decades audiovisual material from her career as a politician, as a “medium”, as a performer. Now she’s 83 and I thought it was a good idea to do something with all this footage before her death. She deserves to be recognized internationally.


How long did it take to make your film?

Julian Pedraza

A couple of months, selecting, editing and giving an order to all this analog footage I had since the 90’s.


How do you integrate this film into your work?

Julian Pedraza

Well, my work has a lot to do with the underdeveloped context in which I was born, and Regina 11 is a good example of those crazy cultural expressions of underdeveloped countries; expressions that, from my point of view are “involuntary art”, in fact, she embodies the avant-garde without even knowing it.