Capsules / Portraits

Jules Bourbon

Screening format
Shown in Awarded films.


In this video, I’m trying to produce a writing stuck to reality and in dialogue with my « Inner space ». Writing as a subjective camera in order to create different portraits … Drill through poetry the singularity that I perceive in the banal and the exceptional. Let the videos be perception points of reality which are violent, touching, dirty and splendid at the same time. I have a kind of caustic tenderness for the world around me. I am fascinated by its filthy side and its deep beauty at the same time.

I apprehend language by orality through the medium of video which appears to me as a possibility of understanding the text. I consider poetry as a necessity in order to express my own personal idiom. I have always been interested in an intimate writing, digging into myself to find an unique language. By dint of looking and questioning, images appear to me and words spit out one after the other… looking around me like a dazed person.