Filmmakers 15-17.9

Sat 16 October 202116.10.21
5 rue des Ecoles
75005 Paris
Unique : 5€
UGC/MK2 and CIP cards accepted
Live streaming

The FCDEP’s -15 filmmakers section has been in existence since 2015 and responds to a desire to value, legitimize and disseminate the individual and free cinematic creations of children. We realized that we lacked a space to host the films that many of them, past 15, were making.

We have therefore decided, for the 2021 edition of the FCDEP that marks the 50th anniversary of the CJC, to inaugurate a new section: 15-17.9. Open and international, it is aimed at teenagers and young adults and is placed under the same banner as the -15 years old section: decolonization of the imaginaries, valorization of any creative gesture that exceeds, upset or breaks the canonical models of film, video, clip.

The development of these two sections dedicated to young filmmakers and the distribution of their films is in line with the CJC’s philosophy of tirelessly welcoming and promoting original, free and inventive artistic approaches, regardless of the age or experience of each creator. We refuse the amateur/professional and minor/major categories.