Filmmakers -15 years old

Sat 16 October 202116.10.21
5 rue des Ecoles
75005 Paris
Single price: 5€
UGC/MK2 and CIP cards accepted
Live streaming
Session accessible to all audiences, adults and children.

The creative gesture of young people under 15 years old is honored during a session that does not lack seriousness. The different cinema is renewed by the youngest, encouraged to film what they want, how they want and with any camera, of a high or low quality. The young filmmakers show that their cinematographic imagination is still far from being colonized by the dominant visual paradigms.

Over the past seven years, the under-15 filmmakers section has shown more than fifty films and followed a significant number of emerging filmmakers. In addition, several films have already been included in the Collectif Jeune Cinéma’s catalog and young filmmakers have become cooperators. Children’s cinema deserves a place in the distribution circuit of experimental and different cinema and we wanted to give it that place.

This year again, filmmakers who have been through the section will make the selection and establish the program. The screening, presented by them, will be the occasion of an (already) intergenerational relay.