Etna's Super 8 workshop: Des Tournements

From 11 Oct 2016From 11.10.16
To 14 Oct 2016To 14.10.16
Les Voûtes

For the third year, Etna, workshop of experimental cinema proposes to the public during the festival a cinematographic experiment: the realization of a short film shot and edited in Super 8.
The films will have to dialogue with the concept of burlesque, whether it is under the vaudeville influence of the silent, the smoke of the pipe of Tati or the iconoclastic extravagance of Dada

Tuesday, October 11 from 7pm: delivery of Super 8 cartridges
Thursday, October 13 from 2pm to midnight: deposit of film reels
Friday, October 14 at midnight: screening of films with music

The Super 8 reels (black and white) will be provided and developed by Etna.
Participants bring their own Super 8 camera.
Reservation required at, 10 participants maximum

Participation is free.

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